Trading Places - August's notes
  • Spotted Itzli Yaotl (WC) in New York, negotiating the sale of something for 5mil (getting something from Rosemary T’an-mo via “”/campaigns/savagerun/characters/lightning" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lee" from the White Dragon. Exchange today (same as Rosemary’s big ritual)
    • He’s a Jaguar Guard and Cuachiqueh (Shorn One) – Aztlan/Aztechnology elite black ops
  • Ness found some tunnel maps showing links to various of the local gangs’ territories
    • Then went to City Hall with Rico to get more detailed maps of tunnels (decommissioned in the 1990s) and the original plans for the HK Exchange
  • Kenwood and I went to check out the five locations (aside from the White Dragon as I’ve already assensed it)
    • Daoist temple: seems focused on venerating dragons. Kenwood reports heavily armed guards on rooftops with evidence they’ve paid off the cops. Clearly a local tong – “Children of the Dragon,” related to HK’s Red Dragon Triad. Soldiers very numerous and well-kitted.
    • Supermarket: Nothing of note magically. Kenwood reports tags indicating criminal protection (Chang Sing)
    • Apartment block: hellhound (unhealthy) in basement. Tagged by Wing Kong for protection. No soldiers but armed guards. Signs of professional criminal presence. Chinatown runner base?
    • HK Exchange: Area curiously free of “basically anybody.” Lots of armed folk in the area, plus air elemental formed as monstrous Chinese dragon with wrestler’s arms. Approx. 12 smaller air elementals on the roof giving me the urge to go fly with them. Machine gun mounted in building (Jade Monkey Hotel) opposite.
  • Roof of Hong Kong Exchange looks like an old formal Chinese symbol meaning “Bound”
  • Reconvened and planned. Talked to Miao Yin about our concerns re: Eddie being either incompetent or corrupt. Also updated her on our findings. She told us that someone working for Fuchi (Jane Zuli, Exec VP of Research for Zeiss Biotech, run by George Allen Buckingham) in town unexpectedly, which seems important in the context of the AZT presence.
  • Interrogation of Eddie:
    • Woke him up from sleeping
    • Essence 5, lots of headware
    • He’s very cagey and defensive – originally just following protocol and Wang’s orders
    • Deputy Director refused a SWAT response ostensibly to preserve Yin and Eddie’s cover
    • Eddie is a coward but not corrupt
  • Miao Yin is a Spiritual Technologist. She was resistant to us dropping the truth on her.
    • Told us an ex-street sam called Spearhead runs a shadow hotel in the apartment block.
    • Ness called Moonlight and got contact details for a catburglar called Daredevil.
Trading Places

The team will arrive in New York by 8am on the 20th May, ready for a briefing at 0840 hours by Eric Hersey, deputy director in charge of the NY office.

The Skinny

Team have to track down missing senators son (Charles Schumer) who vanished on the 19th of May 2054 from New York. A pair of UCAS agents (Wang Chi and Miao Yin, both working on a Triad investigation) were tasked with investigating his dissapearance from Chinatown Manhatten where he was visiting a restaurant named the White Tiger, which is known to be (in fact) a brothel. Within 24 hours of stepping things up one of the agents (Wang Chi) has also vanished and Miao Yin has called in additional resources.

The Senator (Kirsten Schumer) was an old navy buddy of Rawdon which will be how August, Kenwood and Ness will get involved. Rico will be assigned separately by the New York office who will fear that their team has a leak, resulting in the cautious Wang being in trouble. He will be ordered to assist Miao, who will (in turn) be instructed to work with the Department of Homeland Security personnel assigned to the Schumer investigation. The team will arrive in New York by 8am on the 20th May, ready for a briefing at 0840 hours by Eric Hersey, deputy director in charge of the NY office.

By 0930 the team will be in the operational office (the Dragon of the Black Pool, a reasonably successful restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown) where Miao Yin will be able to give more details and answer questions, suggest options, but will make it clear that whilst she wants to get her partner found and freed it will ruin their operation if anyone suspects that she is more than a restauranteer – cover she has been working on for a year nearly now.

Societies in China Town

Chang Sing (Tong)
Long Ertong (Children of the Dragon) (Tong), associated with the Red Dragon Triad
Lords of Death (Street Gang), foot soldiers for the Wing Kong
Wing Kong (Tong), led by Rosemary T’an Mo and the Three Storms (Thunder, Rain, and Lightning)
Youhao de linli Xiehui (Friendly Neighbourhood Association)


Charles Schumer (Senator’s son, missing)
Wang Chi (manager of the Dragon, junior FBI agent, missing)
Miao Yin (owner of the Dragon, senior FBI case agent)
Eddie Lee (head waiter at the Dragon, junior FBI agent)


Game Timeline; 2053

  • Tuesday 15th July; Finding the Runaway
  • Monday 28th – Tuesday 29th July; Babysitting the Corpers
  • Wednesday 13th August; Exploring the Shattergraves
  • Thursday 28th August; Seizing Collateral
  • 1st September; * Meet Uncle Quentin
  • Thursday 10th – Sunday 14th September; Targets of Opportunity
  • Saturday 13th September; Jules Rescue
  • Tuesday 16th October; Collecting Sonja
  • Saturday 25th October Special Order 162; Ghouls recognised as sentient (Ghoultown founded)
  • Sunday 2nd November; Crystals Skies
  • Thursday 27th November – Monday 1st December; Guardian Angels
  • Friday 19th December – Sunday 21st December; Repo Men
  • Friday 26th December – Saturday 27th December; A Trog Scorned
  • Sunday 28th December – …; Dress Blues

Game Timeline; 2054

  • … – Friday 9th January; Dress Blues
  • Friday 9th January – Friday 16th January; Holiday in Cape Town
  • Tuesday 4th February – Tuesday 25th February; Going to School
  • Thursday April 17th – Friday April 18th; Little Boy Lost
  • Tuesday May 12th; The Company Rogue
  • Thursday May 20th – Trading Places

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