Federlin Wiesensteig (WC)

Supposed Mage and agent of the Church of Spiritual Technology


Federlin is an egotistical, and massively naturally talented, Mage in his mid 20s from a wealthy German family. Federlin is an important German asset and a member of the Church of Spiritual Technology – and is also a little sinister.

Also known as;

  • Ernest Mann
  • Täuschung (Deception)
  • Betrüger (Trickster)
  • Johann Georg Schröpfer

Federlin Wiesensteig (dossier)

Known Alias’: Ernest Mann, “Täuschung”, Johann Georg Schröpfer
Birthplace: Freistaat Thäringen (Free State of Thuringia), Allianz Deutscher Länder
DoB: unknown

Education & Qualifications:

• Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife (grade 1, Sehr Gut)
• Berufsfachschulabschluss in Magischen Wissenschaft (grade 2, Gut)
• Magister Artium in der Angewandten Magie (grade 1, Sehr Gut)
• Fachhochschuldiplom von Illusorisch Zauberei (grade 1, Sehr Gut)
• Doktor der Wissenschaft in Hexe Handwerk (grade 1, Sehr Gut)

Career & Employment Notes:

After graduation Federlin largely vanishes from the radar, though his name has appeared linked to projects and patents owned by subsidiaries of Saeder-Krupp Schwerindustriegesellschaft (Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries).

It is thought that Fererlin, operating under the shadow name Täuschung (Deception) and later Betrüger (Trickster) has been involved in black operations on behalf of the ADA (German) government.

He has recently been seen with George Allan Buckingham III, a cousin to Samantha Villiers (wife of Richard Villiers, one of the major shareholders of Fuchi Industrial Electronics), in the UCAS as well as Europe.

Federlin is known to be magically active and follows the Hermetic tradition; he is thought to be an initiate of at least the second grade, and to regularly Mask his Aura to appear as Mundane.

It is speculated that Federlin has somehow obtained the services of a Free Spirit which takes the Astral Form of a great dragon formed from golden or silver light; this speculation comes from a correlation of data but has not been confirmed at this time.

Also noted is that Federlin has been known to use different faces, not always limited to his key alias’; examples of each are attached.

Federlin Wiesensteig (WC)

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