Trading Places - August's notes

  • Spotted Itzli Yaotl (WC) in New York, negotiating the sale of something for 5mil (getting something from Rosemary T’an-mo via “”/campaigns/savagerun/characters/lightning" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lee" from the White Dragon. Exchange today (same as Rosemary’s big ritual)
    • He’s a Jaguar Guard and Cuachiqueh (Shorn One) – Aztlan/Aztechnology elite black ops
  • Ness found some tunnel maps showing links to various of the local gangs’ territories
    • Then went to City Hall with Rico to get more detailed maps of tunnels (decommissioned in the 1990s) and the original plans for the HK Exchange
  • Kenwood and I went to check out the five locations (aside from the White Dragon as I’ve already assensed it)
    • Daoist temple: seems focused on venerating dragons. Kenwood reports heavily armed guards on rooftops with evidence they’ve paid off the cops. Clearly a local tong – “Children of the Dragon,” related to HK’s Red Dragon Triad. Soldiers very numerous and well-kitted.
    • Supermarket: Nothing of note magically. Kenwood reports tags indicating criminal protection (Chang Sing)
    • Apartment block: hellhound (unhealthy) in basement. Tagged by Wing Kong for protection. No soldiers but armed guards. Signs of professional criminal presence. Chinatown runner base?
    • HK Exchange: Area curiously free of “basically anybody.” Lots of armed folk in the area, plus air elemental formed as monstrous Chinese dragon with wrestler’s arms. Approx. 12 smaller air elementals on the roof giving me the urge to go fly with them. Machine gun mounted in building (Jade Monkey Hotel) opposite.
  • Roof of Hong Kong Exchange looks like an old formal Chinese symbol meaning “Bound”
  • Reconvened and planned. Talked to Miao Yin about our concerns re: Eddie being either incompetent or corrupt. Also updated her on our findings. She told us that someone working for Fuchi (Jane Zuli, Exec VP of Research for Zeiss Biotech, run by George Allen Buckingham) in town unexpectedly, which seems important in the context of the AZT presence.
  • Interrogation of Eddie:
    • Woke him up from sleeping
    • Essence 5, lots of headware
    • He’s very cagey and defensive – originally just following protocol and Wang’s orders
    • Deputy Director refused a SWAT response ostensibly to preserve Yin and Eddie’s cover
    • Eddie is a coward but not corrupt
  • Miao Yin is a Spiritual Technologist. She was resistant to us dropping the truth on her.
    • Told us an ex-street sam called Spearhead runs a shadow hotel in the apartment block.
    • Ness called Moonlight and got contact details for a catburglar called Daredevil.


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