Game Timeline; 2053

  • Tuesday 15th July; Finding the Runaway
  • Monday 28th – Tuesday 29th July; Babysitting the Corpers
  • Wednesday 13th August; Exploring the Shattergraves
  • Thursday 28th August; Seizing Collateral
  • 1st September; * Meet Uncle Quentin
  • Thursday 10th – Sunday 14th September; Targets of Opportunity
  • Saturday 13th September; Jules Rescue
  • Tuesday 16th October; Collecting Sonja
  • Saturday 25th October Special Order 162; Ghouls recognised as sentient (Ghoultown founded)
  • Sunday 2nd November; Crystals Skies
  • Thursday 27th November – Monday 1st December; Guardian Angels
  • Friday 19th December – Sunday 21st December; Repo Men
  • Friday 26th December – Saturday 27th December; A Trog Scorned
  • Sunday 28th December – …; Dress Blues

Game Timeline; 2054

  • … – Friday 9th January; Dress Blues
  • Friday 9th January – Friday 16th January; Holiday in Cape Town
  • Tuesday 4th February – Tuesday 25th February; Going to School
  • Thursday April 17th – Friday April 18th; Little Boy Lost
  • Tuesday May 12th; The Company Rogue
  • Thursday May 20th – Trading Places


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